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 Parts washers, parts cleaners, industrial parts cleaning systems.

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Parts Washer Models
manually operated parts washers

Model SL-45 parts washer


Free standing, manually-operated parts washers using high flash point safety solvents. This machine cleans using a combination of immersion, flushing and hand scrubbing. Ideal for use in maintenance areas or anywhere in the plant where on-demand parts cleaning is needed.

For use with mineral spirits or Glysol™ PC soy-based bio-solvent.


Model TLW-21 parts washer


Heated top-loading cabinet-style parts washer using biodegradable water-based cleaning fluids. Dirty parts are loaded on a heavy-duty mesh turntable that rotates the work through high-powered sprays that blast and flush away the most stubborn soils. Options include a filter system and oil skimmer to extend the life of the cleaning fluid and compressed air blowoff to dry the cleaned parts before removal. For use with aqueous parts cleaning fluids. Available in economical mild steel or optional stainless steel construction.


 cabinet-style parts washers

agitating immersion parts washers

Models SL80-L, SL200-L parts washers


Heavy-duty lift-type agitating immersion parts washers. The pneumatically-operated lift platform lowers the workload into the tank and agitates with an up-and-down motion to force the cleaning fluid around and through the parts. Parts are cleaned more thoroughly and in less time. The parts washers are available unheated, for use with solvents, or heated for use with aqueous parts cleaning fluids. Options include ultrasonics, filter systems and oil skimmers to prolong the life of the cleaning solution. The machines can be ordered in stainless steel construction for long, corrosion-free performance.



Conveyorized parts cleaning systems


For higher volume parts cleaning, we offer conveyorized parts cleaning systems that consist of one or more stages depending on your process requirements. From single stage wash-only to multi-stage wash-rinse-dry combos, we can configure a cleaning system that delivers the performance you need. For use with aqueous parts cleaning fluids.

Consult the factory for details.

conveyorized parts cleaning systems



Other parts cleaner models are available. Contact us for more information.



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