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                                                        Belt-type oil skimmers for floating tramp oil removal.

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Oil Skimmer Models

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BSK Series Belt-Type Oil Skimmers

Keep industrial process fluids clean and oil-free with a high efficiency Workcell Systems belt-type oil skimmer.

Easily installed on parts washer tanks and machine tool coolant sumps, these compact, high efficiency belt-type oil skimmers remove harmful floating tramp oil from metalworking fluids or parts cleaning solutions. Left alone, the floating oil layer can promote bacteria growth in machine tool coolants resulting in foul odors, dermatitis and loss of lubricity. Oil floating on the surface of aqueous parts washing fluids re-deposits on the part surfaces that have just been cleaned.

The Workcell Systems BSK Series oil skimmers feature special activated-surface reinforced polymer belts that never stretch and attract more oil than conventional belts, stainless steel frame construction for corrosion resistance and UL listed components for reliable operation in industrial environments.The automatic spring-loaded tensioning feature maintains proper belt tension under all operating conditions.

The BSK oil skimmers can remove 1/4 gallon or more of floating tramp oil per hour from aqueous fluids.


The BSK Series oil skimmer models are available in 3 standard immersion depths from 9" to 18". Special sizes for OEM applications can be furnished.

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