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                                 Coolant pumping and filtration systems for workcell machine tools.

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Pump and Tank System Models
coolant pumping systems

DFT-Series Pump and Tank Systems

  • Workcell Systems' advanced design coolant pump and tank systems provide superior performance in your machining, grinding, milling, boring or sawing operation.
  • Exclusive Distributed Flow Technology™ efficiently separates chips, fines, swarf and non-emulsified tramp oils and prevents their recirculation.
  • Machining speeds and surface finish quality are improved.
  • Tooling and coolant lasts longer, performs better.
  • Optional BioZyne™ filter inhibits bacteria and algae thus reducing foul odors, skin irritation and tool corrosion without added chemicals.
  • Standard tank capacities from 12 to 52 gallons to supply virtually any size machine tool.
  • Vertical seal-less pumps deliver coolant at rates from 10 to 50 G.P.M. to "flood" the tool and workpiece – cooling, lubricating and flushing chips away from the machining operation.
  • Ideal for replacement or upgrades on existing equipment and installation on new machine tools.
  • Optional belt-type oil skimmer removes floating tramp oils and keeps coolant "sweet" smelling.



Special tank sizes and configurations can be furnished. Contact the factory for details.

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