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 Aqueous, solvent and bio-based parts cleaning and industrial fluids.

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Solvents and Aqueous Cleaning Fluids
biodegradable parts cleaning fluids


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Glysol™ PC

    Powerful bio-based parts cleaning fluid derived from soybeans and other natural sources. Glysol PC replaces mineral spirits, PD680 Type II,   Stoddard Solvent and similar petroleum-derived solvents  in manual and immersion-type parts washers. It's safer, cleans better and lasts longer. Pleasant to use – low toxicity, no unpleasant fumes or skin irritation. Non-polluting, biodegradable.

    Glysol™ PC is a USDA BioPreferred® designated parts washing fluid.

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    Aqueous parts cleaning formulations for heated industrial parts washers. All are biodegradable, water-based and formulated to remove a wide variety of soils

      Aquasol™ GP - General purpose cleaning fluid concentrate, safely removes oils, light carbon, soot, and many other contaminates from metal and plastic parts. For use in soak tanks or ultrasonic cleaning machines. 

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